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Navmesh Area Eraser 1.0 3D Tools 3.4 Testing

Submitted by user Flavelius; MIT; 2022-06-27

Allows removing areas of a navmesh defined by scene-placed AABB-nodes (also provided by the addon).
Only removes whole polygons whose points fall inside the AABB, does not clip them to their precise bounds (for now?) - see screenshot

Mainly useful to remove unused floating islands that tend to almost always be generated when baking heightmaps.

Quick How to:
Add 'AABBNode's (=areas of exclusion) as children of a NavMeshInstance and select the NavMeshInstance. Next to the Bake button in the menu-bar a 'Clip' button will appear.
Clicking it will process any existing baked navmesh, so the order is Bake->Clip

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