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Line Renderer 1.0 3D Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user LemiSt24; MIT; 2022-06-09

A GDScript implementation of a line renderer in Godot 4.0, useful for rendering cylindrical volume such as lasers, trails, etc. Based on the Godot 3.0 version by @dbp8890 at, which is based on the helpful C# implementation by @paulohyy at and added some additional features such as UV tiling and a .tscn file for ease of use.

To use, simply download and unzip the folder, which contains a demo project. If the demo project is not needed, the LineRenderer subfolder can be copied directly into the Godot project.

Drag and drop the LineRenderer.tscn scene into the project, and you should see a line!

To edit the line's points, simply edit the points member variable of the line renderer, and add/remove points from the array (see demo project for details). This can also be done via the editor in Godot.

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