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GUS - Godot Universal Serializer 2 v2.1.7 Misc 4.2 Community

Submitted by user Daylily; MIT; 2023-12-02

Current is fit for 4.2 stable.
Old versions can be found in the github repo's relese page.

A Godot's universal serializer for size optimization.
Support all data types except Object, RID, Callable and Signal in Godot 4.x.

Without losing type information. Need not type detection and forced typce conversion in cross end transfer,just like local parameter transfer.
Integer are variable length serialization.
The serialized data size is smaller than JSON text to utf8 and the native serialization method var_to_bytes(). GUS is especially suitable for the serialization of structured small data transfer in multiplayer games.
GDExtension plugin, high performance.
You can run the EditorScript which named to view the contrast between GUS, Native, and JSON.

How to use:
Download release plugin, install this plugin just like other plugin.
Pass variable which without Object, OID, Callable, Signal into GUS.var_to_bytes() and get the serialized data, than send to network peer.
After the remote network peer obtains the serialized data, passe it into GUS.bytes_to_var() to get the same variable as before serialization.
Be careful:
Array and Dictionary should not contain Object, RID, Callable and Signal.
Currently just support platform windows.

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