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Submitted by user Qubus0; MIT; 2023-12-08

This Plugin lets you preview colours from code in the same line directly next to the line numbers and breakpoints.
Click any preview to open a color picker where you can edit the color directly.

Supports all variations of the standard Godot 'Color' and also shader 'vec4' for previews and changing via the color picker.


Feel free to visit the GitHub repository
Ideas, contributions and stars are all welcome :)


In the Godot Editor, go to the AssetLib tab
Search for 'Color Preview', select and press Download
Select only the addons/ColorPreview folder and press Install

Download/Pull from the GitHub repository
Add the ColorPreview/ directory and its contents to the addons/ directory in your Godot project

Enabling the addon:
Go to Project > Project Settings... > Plugins and press Enable

Once you have done this, every line containing a Color will have a preview left of the breakpoint gutter.

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