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GD-SimpleKnob 1.11 2D Tools 3.4 Community

Submitted by user nobuyuki; MIT; 2022-03-07

SimpleKnob is a UI knob control for Godot 3.x intended to be a drop-in replacement for standard HSlider controls. Themes and overrides created for HSlider should "just work". Includes customizable grabber pointing orientation (inwards/outwards), knob thickness (Values < 100% create hollow or arc knobs), notch (arc) width, decimal padding, and title/value positioning.

Update history:
1.11: Added an option to restore the original knob behavior where the value can only change relative to the previous one rather than snapping to the closest value to the mouse position on first click
1.1: Fixed input events being consumed when the control shouldn't be visible, such as when obscured or in another tab.
1.0: Initial version

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