Nine Patch Button for Godot 3.x's icon

Nine Patch Button for Godot 3.x 2.5.1 Misc 3.4 Community

Submitted by user Hotklou; MIT; 2022-03-26

This plugin adds a new type of node that combines the features of the NinePatchRect, the Button, and the TextureButton, with the NinePatchRect being used as the base. We also added a customizable sound system, which allows you to assign sounds for some of its functions such as pressing it or hovering over it.

If you have any feedback, be it a bug report, a suggestion, or a feature request, feel free to open an issue on GitHub. All we ask is that you try to label your issues suitably with the provided labels and that you try to prevent posting an issue about a topic that an issue already exists for. If an issue about a specific topic already exists, please do not create a new issue (although you may post a comment to an older issue about that topic if such an issue already exists). We will greatly appreciate any kind of constructive feedback you can give us.

For more information on how to set up the plugin, what the NinePatchButton's many properties do, a changelog, why we made the plugin, and what our plans for the future of the plugin are, as well as download links for past and current (public) releases, feel free to check out the plugin's GitHub repository.

Talltale Studios GitHub page -

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