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Submitted by user DmitriySalnikov; MIT; 2022-07-16

This is a QOI (Quite OK Image Format) wrapper for Godot Engine. This addon will allow you to read, write, encode and decode images to or from the QOI format.

This is a GDNative library. Includes precompiled binaries for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android, but it must compile for each platform which Godot Engine supports.

- Fastest encoding
- Fast decoding
- Editor integration
- Cross-platform
- Simple API

- Large file size (compared to PNG or WebP. more than 2-3 times larger)
- No VRAM compression

Editor integration:
* After installation, do not forget to enable the plugin in the project settings.
As with regular textures, qoi can be used as sprites or textures of materials. QOI will be imported into the .import folder to write additional settings to the original .qoi file.
Import parameters are also available.
And you can save any texture as a qoi image directly in the editor.

How to remove the editor integration?
If you do not need integration into the editor, you can simply delete or not extract the "addons/qoi/editor/" folder. You will still be able to work with images using scripts, but the editor will not recognize qoi.

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