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Directory Watcher 1.0 Misc 3.4 Community

Submitted by user KoBeWi; MIT; 2022-05-11

Allows you to watch contents of a directory for file changes.

Add DirectoryWatcher to your scene, register a directory and connect signals. It will automatically notify you of added, removed or deleted files.

var watcher =
watcher.connect("files_created", self, "on_files_created")
watcher.connect("files_modified", self, "on_files_modified")
watcher.connect("files_deleted", self, "on_files_deleted")

Change 'scan_delay' property to control scanning period (default is 1 second) and 'scan_step' to control scanned files per frame (default is 50). The watcher will go through the file list in a directory and emit the signals at the end of the cycle.

Check the repo page for more details.

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