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2D Platformer Demo (KinematicBody) 3.5-9e68af3 Demos 3.5 Featured

Submitted by user Godot Engine; MIT; 2023-01-23

This demo is a pixel art 2D platformer with graphics and sound.

It shows you how to code characters and physics-based objects in a real game context. This is a relatively complete demo where the player can jump, walk on slopes, fire bullets, interact with enemies, and more. It contains one closed level, and the player is invincible, unlike the enemies.

You will find most of the demo’s content in the Level.tscn scene. You can open it from the default Game.tscn scene, or double click on Level.tscn in the src/Level/ directory.

Language: GDScript

Renderer: GLES 3 (particles are not available in GLES 2)

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