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Submitted by user ioannis; MIT; 2022-01-27

A simple light class for the Godot engine inspired by the string-based light animation system originally seen in Quake and Half Life games.

Created on Godot version 3.4.2 but should work on earlier versions too.

- Setup your lamp scene according to QuakeLamp*.tscn example scenes. Lights and models should be added as child nodes.
- Attach on your parent lamp node.
- Drag and drop in your main scene, select the desired animation type and enjoy your new animated light.

- Includes 11 animation table presets from Quake.
- Supports custom user animations.
- Animations can be previewed in the Godot editor.
- Supports optional fade between the string animation values to break the stepping effect where needed.
- The light animation affects the emission of the lamp material/s.

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