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Submitted by user jakes1403; MIT; 2022-01-10

A fork to add more features to the unmaintained Tiled Map Importer repository.

Import TileMaps from the Tiled Map Editor (http://mapeditor.org). This imports maps as a Godot scene.

For Godot 3.x

More info at:

Fork Additions:
* Tile animations.
* Per-layer z index support.
* Custom material support.

Original Features:
* Import Tiled file as a Godot scene. Each layer in Tiled is a TileMap in Godot.
* Import TileSets from Tiled standalone tileset files.
* Both .tmx (XML) and .json formats for maps.
* Both .tsx (XML) and .json formats for tilesets.
* Support for Base64 encoded map.
* Support for layer compression, both zlib and gzip are supported.
* Object templates.
* Orthogonal, isometric, staggered, and hexagonal maps.
* Import visibility and opacity from layers.
* Import collision/occluder/navigation shapes (based on Tiled object type).
* Support for one-way collision shapes.
* Custom import options, such as whether to enable UV clip.
* Support for image layers.
* Support for object layers, which are imported as StaticBody2D, Area2D or LightOccluder2D for shapes (depending on the type property) and as Sprite for tiles.
* Support for group layers, which are imported as Node2Ds.
* Custom properties for maps, layers, tilesets, and objects are imported as metadata. Custom properties on tiles can be imported into the TileSet resource.
* Map background imported as a parallax background (so it's virtually infinite)
* Support for post-import script.

If you like this plugin, consider supporting the original author of godot-tiled-importer on Ko-fi:
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