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Submitted by user balintbarna; Unlicense; 2022-01-08

Check README for more info!


- Rotates parent node
- Uses its own position as reference (use with RemoteTransform)
- Offsets parents based on its own global displacement resulting from the rotation
- This is useful for rotating the character *without moving the HMD camera*

- A feature node that moves its *Spatial* parent
- Based on input actions
- According to its own orientation
- It can be used as a free look feature.

- Moves its parent kinematic body
- Based on input actions
- According to its own orientation
- Uses collisions
- Has many exported physics properties for the pretense of some realistic physics based movement
- Has gravity
- Great for normal character movement

- Sets parent's forward direction
- Uses VR HMD orientation, only if it is upright
- Uses global position of VR controllers compared to its own
- Uses the relative position of the left-right controllers to each other
- The goal of this feature is to provide an intuitive way to guess the rotation of the physical player based on their head and hands poses

- Calculates its relative altitude in the VR Origin frame
- Sets the height property on the parent
- Useful to set height on a collision shape based on the real-world altitude of the VR HMD

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