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Blender 3D Shortcuts 0.3.2 3D Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user imjp94; MIT; 2024-04-07

Blender's 3D transforming shortcuts in Godot

This version is only compatible with Godot 4.x, check out godot3( branch for older version

- Transform with "G", "R", "S" keys and "H" key to hide
- Revert transformation with "ALT" modifier
- Visualize constraint axis
- Work seamlessly with Godot Spatial Editor settings("Use Local Space", "Use Snap", "Snap Settings")
- Type transform value
- Switch display mode with "Z"

- Translate: G
- Rotate: R
- Scale: S
- Revert Translation: ALT + G
- Revert Rotation: ALT + R
- Revert Scale: ALT + S
- Constraint to Single Axis: X or Y or Z
- Constraint to Plane: SHIFT + (X or Y or Z)
- Delete: X
- Hide: H
- Precision Mode(while transforming with mouse): SHIFT
- Toggle Global/Local mode(non-persistent): XX or YY or ZZ
- Switch Spatial Editor Viewport Display Mode: Z

Add right click undo
Fixes Z pie eating key inputs
Fix unable to expand nested resource editor in inspector
Fix freelook issue

Fix error when rotate with snapping
Add node delete action and pie menu for switching viewport display mode

Port to Godot 4.0

Support multiple viewports and bugfixes

Greatly improve usability of addon and fix some minor bugs.
Added some new feature like "SHIFT" for precision while transforming, xx/yy/zz to toggle between global/local mode, infinite mouse movement when translating or scaling and switching display mode with "Z" key.

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