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Submitted by user imjp94; MIT; 2021-12-26

Blender's 3D transforming shortcuts in Godot

- Transform with "G", "R", "S" keys and "H" key to hide
- Revert transformation with "ALT" modifier
- Visualize constraint axis
- Work seamlessly with Godot Spatial Editor settings("Use Local Space", "Use Snap", "Snap Settings")
- Type transform value
- Switch display mode with "Z"

- Translate: G
- Rotate: R
- Scale: S
- Revert Translation: ALT + G
- Revert Rotation: ALT + R
- Revert Scale: ALT + S
- Constraint to Single Axis: X or Y or Z
- Constraint to Plane: SHIFT + (X or Y or Z)
- Hide: H
- Precision Mode(while transforming with mouse): SHIFT
- Toggle Global/Local mode(non-persistent): XX or YY or ZZ
- Switch Spatial Editor Viewport Display Mode: Z

Support multiple viewports and bugfixes

Greatly improve usability of addon and fix some minor bugs.
Added some new feature like "SHIFT" for precision while transforming, xx/yy/zz to toggle between global/local mode, infinite mouse movement when translating or scaling and switching display mode with "Z" key.

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