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Submitted by user QuentinCaffeino; MIT; 2019-08-31

In-game console for Godot, easily extensible with new commands.

There is a new version coming, help me debugging it. You can get the beta version by cloning dev branch ( or by downloading the zip ( and putting it in res://addons/console path.

I'll try to keep project on this website up-to-date with its sources. If you have any problems with this project please try downloading more up-to-date version from github ( If problem persists do not hesitate to contact me on GitHub via Issues or QuentinCaffeino#9674 on Discord

Project website:

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Sha256 Hash: 8ed86fcaead047bcddd36ed3f120c2d90924f95658e93a272ba65f28d85dea0a