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Submitted by user samsface; MIT; 2023-01-06

Steam Integration without rebuilding Godot.

- Supports Windows, Linux & MacOS(x86_64/arm64).
- Supports disabling the integration without needing to change code.
- Supports the following APIs:

# check is steam integration is working and enabled, useful if you publish to multiple stores

# achievements

# leaderboards
Steam.set_leaderboard_score("High Scores", 1000)
# Get the first 10 global high scores
var top_10_global_scores = yield(Steam.get_leaderboard_scores("High Scores", 0, 10), "done")
# Get just the current user's high score
var players_score = yield(Steam.get_leaderboard_scores("High Scores", 0, 0, Steam.LeaderboardDataRequest.GlobalAroundUser), "done")
# Get the current user's high score and the two scores infront and behind
var player_rivals_score = yield(Steam.get_leaderboard_scores("High Scores", -1, 1, Steam.LeaderboardDataRequest.GlobalAroundUser), "done")

# overlay
Steam.friends.connect("game_overlay_activated", self, "_on_game_overlay_activated")
Steam.friends.activate_game_overlay_to_store(1435470, Steam.OverlayToStoreFlag.AddToCart)

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