This pages provides an overview of the various teams working on Godot Engine. If you want to know who works on what, who to get in contact with on a topic, which people should review a particular Pull Request or similar - this is a good first stop.

Engine teams are listed by engine area, with a few keywords describing what belongs to that area and a link to the teams chat channel, followed by a list of the members of that team (names and GitHub handles). For some larger areas, subteams exist for parts of that area.
Names in bold with a ⭐ emoji are the main contributors in charge of a given area, who typically lead the team work and can merge Pull Requests in their area of expertise.

If you want to get in touch, use the link to each team's chat channel on the Godot Engine Contributors chat after the team's names (see Community).
For general development discussions which may not fit a specific team channel, use the general purpose #devel channel.
For general enquiries, private or security related matters, have a look at the Contact page.

General areas

Categorizing the engine development in discrete teams is not easy! This section includes some broad areas which have an influence on all engine subsystems, and where many contributors are active without necessarily being responsible for all the features that their team encompasses.
Some more specialized teams are then listed in the Systems section.

Core • #core

Low-level Core API: Object, Variant, templates, base nodes like Node, Viewport, etc. (everything under core and scene/main).

Juan Linietsky (@reduz), George Marques (@vnen), HP van Braam (@hpvb), Pedro J. Estébanez (@RandomShaper)

Data StructuresJuan Linietsky (@reduz), @lawnjelly
ThreadingPedro J. Estébanez (@RandomShaper)
InputEric M (@EricEzaM), Gilles Roudière (@groud), Pedro J. Estébanez (RandomShaper), Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)

GUI Nodes • #gui

Everything that inherits Control (everything under scene/gui) and can be used to build Graphical User Interfaces (both game UI and editor tools).

Gilles Roudière (@groud), Hendrik Brucker (@Geometror), Michael Alexsander (@YeldhamDev), Pāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg), Tomasz Chabora (@KoBeWi)

TextPaul Batty (@Paulb23), Pāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg)

Editor • #editor

All things related to the editor, both tools and usability (editor).

Gilles Roudière (@groud), Hendrik Brucker (@Geometror), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Michael Alexsander (@YeldhamDev), Paul Batty (@Paulb23), Tomasz Chabora (@KoBeWi)

2DGilles Roudière (@groud), Michael Alexsander (@YeldhamDev), Tomasz Chabora (@KoBeWi)
3DHugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Joan Fons Sanchez (@JFonS)
DebuggerFabio Alessandrelli (@Faless), George Marques (@vnen)
Script editorPaul Batty (@Paulb23), Michael Alexsander (@YeldhamDev)


Umbrella team for all the scripting languages usable with Godot. Encompasses some shared core components (Object, ClassDB, MethodBind, ScriptLanguage, etc.) and language specific implementations in dedicated subteams.

George Marques (@vnen), Juan Linietsky (@reduz)

GDExtension (#gdextension)David Snopek (@dsnopek), Bastiaan Olij (@BastiaanOlij), Fabio Alessandrelli (@Faless), George Marques (@vnen), Gilles Roudière (@groud), Jan Haller (@Bromeon), Juan Linietsky (@reduz), Pāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg)
GDScript (#gdscript)George Marques (@vnen), Adam Scott (@adamscott), Danil Alexeev (@dalexeev), Dmitry Maganov (@vonagam), ocean (they/them) (@anvilfolk)
.NET (#dotnet)Raul Santos (@raulsntos), Paul Joannon (@paulloz)

Buildsystem • #buildsystem

Tools and scripts that we use to compile and maintain Godot, both for development purpose (SCons, CI) and releases (official build containers).

Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga), Aaron Franke (@aaronfranke), Fabio Alessandrelli (@Faless), HP van Braam (@hpvb), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Ignacio Roldán Etcheverry (@neikeq)

Platforms • #platforms

Platform specific layers that reside in platform, with shared components (Unix, Win32, Apple, etc.) in drivers.

Pāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg), Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)

Android (#android)Fredia Huya-Kouadio (@m4gr3d)
WebAdam Scott (@adamscott), Fabio Alessandrelli (@Faless)
iOSPāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg)
Linux / BSDFabio Alessandrelli (@Faless), HP van Braam (@hpvb), Pāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg), Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)
macOSPāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg)
UWPGeorge Marques (@vnen)
WindowsPāvels Nadtočajevs (@bruvzg), Max Hilbrunner (@mhilbrunner)


Specialized subsystems with their dedicated teams and communication channels.

Animation • #animation

Nodes and features for 2D and 3D animation and IK workflows.

Juan Linietsky (@reduz), K. S. Ernest Lee (@fire), @lyuma, Silc 'Tokage' Renew (@TokageItLab), SaracenOne

Audio • #audio

All audio-related features, from low-level AudioServer and drivers to high-level nodes and effects.

Ellen Poe (@ellenhp), Juan Linietsky (@reduz)

Import • #asset-pipeline

Asset import pipeline for 2D (textures) and 3D (scenes, models, animations, etc.).

Juan Linietsky (@reduz), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Joan Fons Sanchez (@JFonS), K. S. Ernest Lee (@fire), @lyuma, Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)

Networking • #networking

Networked multiplayer, RPCs and replication, HTTP/TCP/UDP/DNS, WebSockets, ENet, encryption.

Fabio Alessandrelli (@Faless), Max Hilbrunner (@mhilbrunner)

Physics • #physics

Physics servers and their implementation in 2D and 3D.

Fabrice Cipolla (@fabriceci), Juan Linietsky (@reduz), @lawnjelly, Ricardo Buring (@rburing)

Rendering • #rendering

Rendering server and RenderingDevice implementations (Vulkan, OpenGL), as well as the actual rendering techniques implemented using those graphics APIs.

Clay John (@clayjohn), Bastiaan Olij (@BastiaanOlij), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), @lawnjelly, Pedro J. Estébanez (RandomShaper), Joan Fons Sanchez (@JFonS), Juan Linietsky (@reduz)

ShadersClay John (@clayjohn), Yuri Rubinsky (@Chaosus)
Tech ArtIlaria Cislaghi (@QbieShay), Clay John (@clayjohn), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Patrick Exner (@paddy-exe), Yuri Rubinsky (@Chaosus)

XR • #xr

Augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Bastiaan Olij (@BastiaanOlij), Fredia Huya-Kouadio (@m4gr3d)

WebXRDavid Snopek (@dsnopek)
XR ToolsMalcolm Nixon (@malcolmnixon)


The following teams do not impact the engine code directly, but take care of all other important parts of the Godot ecosystem such as the documentation, demos, website, etc.

Communication • #communication

The communication team ensures that our platforms, from the website to our social media, are kept up to date with current information about the engine and showcase other projects from the community.

Nathalie Galla (@MurderVeggie), Clay John (@clayjohn), Emilio Coppola (@coppolaemilio), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou) Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)

Demos • #demo-content

Maintenance and creation of official demo projects in godot-demo-projects.

Aaron Franke (@aaronfranke), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou)

Documentation • #documentation

Maintainance and writing of the official documentation at godot-docs.

Max Hilbrunner (@mhilbrunner), A Thousand Ships (@AThousandShips), Clay John (@clayjohn), Hana - Piralein (@Piralein), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Matthew (@skyace65), Micky (@Mickeon), Raul Santos (@raulsntos), Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)

Production • #devel

The production team helps coordinate the engine development with the various teams.

Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga), Adam Scott (@adamscott), Clay John (@clayjohn), Emilio Coppola (@coppolaemilio), Fredia Huya-Kouadio (@m4gr3d), HP van Braam (@hpvb), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Max Hilbrunner (@mhilbrunner)

Translation • #translation

Internationalization and localization team - building the infrastructure to make it possible to translate Godot and its documentation.

Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga), Haoyu Qiu (@timothyqiu), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou)

If you work on Godot translations and contributors for your language have a dedicated communication channel for coordination, let us know so we can link it here.

Website • #website

Maintenance of the official Godot website and other hosted resources (Q&A, asset library).

Winston (@winston-yallow), Emilio Coppola (@coppolaemilio), Hugo Locurcio (@Calinou), Rémi Verschelde (@akien-mga)