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The Garden Path

by carrotcake.studio | Release date: TBD

Windows Mac Linux

The Garden Path is a sandbox gardening game. Players will emerge into a long-forgotten garden, and unlock tools to help shape the garden into something they can call their own.

Depending on how the player chooses to grow their garden will decide who chooses to live there from a pool of many possible vegetable-headed inhabitants.

Time in the The Garden Path is tied to real-time, but with seasons passing each week, and years passing each month. With each season comes new events, weather, and collectables that can be brewed into teas, or traded with a cast of animal travellers.

Why the developer chose Godot

I've been an advocate for open source software since I can remember, so Godot just seemed like the right fit. It's a good feeling knowing that my work isn't under the thumb of any kind of restrictive licensing.

I also liked the idea of being an early adopter at the time. There was buzz around the engine, but it still needs those flagship titles that people can point to. And that's really very important, because if people are asking 'how was this made' and the answer is something open source, that's a big accomplishment.

Something for me to aspire toward, anyway.

— Godot Showcase - The Garden Path developer talks about his experience