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Unique 2d Shooter with exciting and challenging boss battles.

Hyperspace Shoujo

Vaporwave shooting game featuring innovative controls and cute Japanese girls. Drive the spaceship's satellites to reject enemies' attacks and to generate shock waves.


Asteroids on steroids! Break up rocks, defeat aliens, rescue pets and avoid black holes.

Final Storm

A cross-platform twin-stick shooter and bullet hellish game. It's designed as a pickup game you can play in 3-5 minutes when you just wanna shoot a lot of bullets and dodge just as many. Survive as many waves as possible and pickup a few power-ups along the way.

Towns of the Dead

Inspired by old zombie movies, you will have to struggle with your teammates, fight and bargain for the best weapons in order to find a vaccine against the zombie invasion that plagues the cities!

Super Displacement

Super Displacement is a hectic, fast-paced arcade shooter where the player's job is to shoot enemies and avoid getting bounced into the wallsFeaturing tons of action and a lot of particles, this game is sure to be a fun time.


A third person bullet hell. Destroy a giant bug like 4 armed monster with a futuristic spaceship.


Proxima-B is being invaded by a hostile alien race. Your mission is to help drive back this threat to your homeworld. Blast down hoards of enemy spacecraft while you waive though their oncoming assault. You are our only hope!

Spacer Smasher

It's the classic shoot 'em up game. You get control of your spaceship and your goal is to survive as long as possible. The opponents are alien ships and meteors. Along the way, you earn gems and you recover health by collecting first-aid kits.