Save the Bubble

2d casual mobile puzzle runner | Published

Help Bubble steer through tricky corners by using the accelerometer to move it. Play 'Puzzle Mode' where you have to collect all coins to go to the next level or 'Free Mode' which is an endless underwater runner game.

Pineapple Runner

2d mobile runner | Published

Run and jump as far as you can while avoiding obstacles and collecting crystals along the way!

Rob Not Die!

2d casual platformer runner | Published

Rob Not Die! is a simple yet challenging gravity based infinite runner. Lead Rob as far as you can through the dangerous cave! Collect items without missing one to get him into the psychedelic bonus mode but be aware of the deadly spikes, walls and cannons!

SAG - Space Adventure Game

2d mobile runner | Published

Endless space-oriented game. Survive to the unlimited number of incoming asteroids' waves.


2d jam libre runner | Demo

Run 'n gun demo.

Beware the Cat

casual mobile runner | Published

Try not falling off your bike as long as possible. Avoid cats and other obstacles along the way. Do not leave the path or your score will decrease.

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