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Tap Tap: Memory Challenge

Tap Tap, inspired by Simon Games, will challenge and in a way measure your memory retention capacity by generating a growing sequence of colors and sounds, that the player has to repeat. How many sequential events can you remember?


Castles/Worms type of game, but in this one you use cats as your weapon of choice. You need to conquer dwarven fortifications with the power of cat love!

Kuroban Sokoban

​A simple and lightweight Sokoban game implementation for PC (Windows and Linux) and Mobile (Android).

Bouncing Odyssey

​Bouncing Odyssey is a logic physic based puzzle game with simple rules and tricky challenges featuring 76 unique levels.

Marble Machine

Experiment and solve over a hundred of physics based puzzles!

Relax with engaging puzzles driven by simple rules.

A Game of Changes

​A 3d puzzle platformer that takes you along a journey of wisdom, through the 64 unique worlds that draw inspiration and teachings from the I Ching [Book of Changes], one of the oldest oracles in human history.


​A thousand years into post-apocalyptic Earth, many forms of life have gone extinct, including humans. An alien robot series, called Minilens, is leaning up the Earth and collecting the surviving flora for research purposes.