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Falling Word

Falling Word a fun and addictive free word puzzle game for everyone!

The Lone Chameleon

A 2D puzzle game where you control 4 characters with unique abilities and make them work together to solve challenging puzzles.


Strox the hatchery attendant is having a bad day. The guideline for the egg conveyor has broken and the eggs are scattered around the hatchery. Strox needs your help. Can you guide the conveyor and save the eggs?


50+ levels of tactical combat boiled down to its addicting, puzzle-like core. Solve the battlefield.

School Years

School Years is a fast-paced minigame marathon with gameplay heavily inspired by the WarioWare series. It doubles as a non-exhaustive synopsis of the developer's grade school years.


A simple math game inspired by Tetris, blocks are falling and you must reach always the sum of 10 (block value + numpad value).

Get Teddy

Puzzle game on Android with more than 180 levels in 3 different worlds.


Minimalist logic puzzle game based on chess. You must place the chess pieces on the board such that every piece is protected exactly once.

Building Block Heroes

Puzzle platformer in which you use coloured blocks to build pathways around each level to free the Jollyfolk from their cages. Simultaneously control both building blocks and heroes, with a friend or by yourself, in this colourful romp through a cartoony and exotic hand-painted world.

Magnetic Affair

A short story-based puzzle game.

Save the Bubble

Help Bubble steer through tricky corners by using the accelerometer to move it. Play 'Puzzle Mode' where you have to collect all coins to go to the next level or 'Free Mode' which is an endless underwater runner game.


A unique and colorful geometric action puzzler. Simple & modern, addictive and mesmerizing.