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Colony Strikes Back - The Game

A famous Youtuber has been captured by an evil technology, and only you can help Mr Wilson to escape and prevent the plans of world domination of the terrible Bob.

Last Night A Nurse Saved My Life

Short platform game where you will have to pick up the key to move from level to level. Every time you die the current level will be restarted.

Building Block Heroes

Puzzle platformer in which you use coloured blocks to build pathways around each level to free the Jollyfolk from their cages. Simultaneously control both building blocks and heroes, with a friend or by yourself, in this colourful romp through a cartoony and exotic hand-painted world.

Tower of Freedom

A platformer tower building and resource management game. Try to build the tower to the portal, while you fight the monsters that try to destroy it!

Rob Not Die!

Rob Not Die! is a simple yet challenging gravity based infinite runner. Lead Rob as far as you can through the dangerous cave! Collect items without missing one to get him into the psychedelic bonus mode but be aware of the deadly spikes, walls and cannons!

Dust: Guardien of The Light Tree

Save your world's source of light from being affected by darkness. Made for Ludum Dare 38.

Must Come Down

We all know that going up the ladder of success is hard but the rewards are worth it but what about going down the ladder?

Stick Race!

Stick Race! is a simple platform game where you have to go from a bar to your house as fast as you can.

Earn awards by finishing levels without dying once; collect gifts to customize your player; fight ugly bosses!

Escape the Pyramid!

As a mommy, you wake up in a pyramid. Some signs tell you that you have been locked in but thanks to a reviving potion you came back to life. Now, you still have to Escape the Pyramid!

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Egg Returns Home

Egg Returns Home is a simple platformer about an egg, which is trying to find his way back home.

Brave Bran

Brave Bran is a WIP jump'n'run game for mobile devices like Android and iOS.

Curse of the demon's sword

​High difficulty platformer with ever changing dungeons.