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Unique 2d Shooter with exciting and challenging boss battles.


Your ship crash landed, shipwreck, and you must find a way to repair your ship to leave. It is a building game where you must feed your colonists, protect, and survive.

Last Night A Nurse Saved My Life

Short platform game where you will have to pick up the key to move from level to level. Every time you die the current level will be restarted.

The Labyrinthine Night

Top-down, survival horror-ish adventure, featuring  gameplay inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple's Temple Runs. Navigate the Night to find your lost family, then get out alive


A mysterious enemy made everyone in your viking village fall asleep and steal all women and weapons. Jump on your viking boat and throwback the attacks from your enemies with the help of a magic shield!

School Years

School Years is a fast-paced minigame marathon with gameplay heavily inspired by the WarioWare series. It doubles as a non-exhaustive synopsis of the developer's grade school years.

Project RPG 2020

Retro-style RPG pixel adventure. You can make your decisions but you aren't judged for them, while interacting with characters on a deeper level.

Magnetic Affair

A short story-based puzzle game.


Action-puzzle game with a mechanism of energies to trigger blocks, traps, portal, powers - all in a dangerous dungeon.