2d casual mobile | Published

A casual jumping game with tap and accelerometer input combined

The Orbit

2d casual mobile | Published

A casual space-themed mobile game.

Save the Bubble

2d casual mobile puzzle runner | Published

Help Bubble steer through tricky corners by using the accelerometer to move it. Play 'Puzzle Mode' where you have to collect all coins to go to the next level or 'Free Mode' which is an endless underwater runner game.

Pineapple Runner

2d mobile runner | Published

Run and jump as far as you can while avoiding obstacles and collecting crystals along the way!

Rule of Gears

2d arcade casual mobile | Published

Avoid the faster gears that can break you. That's the rule! Use your skills to figure out the best way to avoid being broken, then use your concentration and motor coordination to put your strategies into practice and rule the gears in this challenging game!

Spinner Clicker

2d casual clicker mobile | Published

Clicker game with the trendy hand spinner, slide the screen to make it spin!

Desert Kingdom Defense

2d mobile tower-defense | Published

Strategy game where you have to deploy your armies against evil invaders.


2d action casual mobile puzzle | Published

A unique and colorful geometric action puzzler. Simple & modern, addictive and mesmerizing.


arcade casual mobile puzzle | Published

Drag and drop blocks onto the board to rack up points and advance to the next level in this addictive new spin on the classic game of tangrams.


arcade featured mobile twitch | Published

It's simple. You are a bomb. A minimalist bomb. Graze pillars to extend your time. Get better. 


2d casual mobile puzzle | Published

Squane is a unique puzzle game which will definitely bend you mind.

SAG - Space Adventure Game

2d mobile runner | Published

Endless space-oriented game. Survive to the unlimited number of incoming asteroids' waves.

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