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Nostalgic mix of puzzle with retro arcade shooter games.

Center Effect

An addictive game for killing time.

Crushes BearsZ

Casual game where your touch-speed will be put to test. Will you crush all the zombies before they get us? Use bait, drop bombs and plant landmines to take them out!

Cat's Menace

Visual Novel. The dark story from the life of cats and people.

Colour Quad

Play the fast paced colour matching game. Match the colour in the centre to the ball coming towards it.

Galactic Void 2

Take control of the spacecraft and defeat the dangers of outer space! Fly through the galaxy in this retro shooter and destroy everything that tries to stop you. On your journey, you collect coins to upgrade your ship and unlock new laser weapons. Climb the leaderboard and become the most famous pilot in the galaxy.

Fidget Spinner

Inspired by the actual famous toy, you have not only to spin the fidget spinner but also collect stars and avoid dangers.


A simple math game inspired by Tetris, blocks are falling and you must reach always the sum of 10 (block value + numpad value).

Get Teddy

Puzzle game on Android with more than 180 levels in 3 different worlds.


A fast-paced reaction arcade game! Every wave is procedurally generated with targets spawning randomly. You have to be fast and  precise, as target bursts and missed taps results in lost energy.

Color Flex

Tap left or right to match the wheel with the falling color and make sure  to gain the highest points before the time ends! Collect bonuses to extend time or boost your score! 


Minimalist logic puzzle game based on chess. You must place the chess pieces on the board such that every piece is protected exactly once.