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Unique 2d Shooter with exciting and challenging boss battles.

Crushes BearsZ

Casual game where your touch-speed will be put to test. Will you crush all the zombies before they get us? Use bait, drop bombs and plant landmines to take them out!

Dungeon Tracks

Dungeon Tracks is a fast paced twin-stick-dungeon crawler where you play Susi the sparkling Panzer, wrongfully arrested in a dungeon and seeking freedom.

Tower of Freedom

A platformer tower building and resource management game. Try to build the tower to the portal, while you fight the monsters that try to destroy it!


A unique and colorful geometric action puzzler. Simple & modern, addictive and mesmerizing.


A retro-inspired game with some modern ideas. It's a hard action game with minimum platforming and all enemies are bosses. In development.