Galactic Void 2

2d arcade casual mobile | Published

Take control of the spacecraft and defeat the dangers of outer space! Fly through the galaxy in this retro shooter and destroy everything that tries to stop you. On your journey, you collect coins to upgrade your ship and unlock new laser weapons. Climb the leaderboard and become the most famous pilot in the galaxy.

School Years

2d arcade pixel-art puzzle | Published

School Years is a fast-paced minigame marathon with gameplay heavily inspired by the WarioWare series. It doubles as a non-exhaustive synopsis of the developer's grade school years.

Turn-Based Champion

2d party rpg | WIP

A retro party game/RPG hybrid where you take on your friends in minigames and defeat bosses to be the next champion!

Final Storm

2d arcade shooter twin-stick | Published

A cross-platform twin-stick shooter and bullet hellish game. It's designed as a pickup game you can play in 3-5 minutes when you just wanna shoot a lot of bullets and dodge just as many. Survive as many waves as possible and pickup a few power-ups along the way.

Fidget Spinner

2d casual mobile | Published

Inspired by the actual famous toy, you have not only to spin the fidget spinner but also collect stars and avoid dangers.

Color Flex

2d arcade casual | Published

Tap left or right to match the wheel with the falling color and make sure  to gain the highest points before the time ends! Collect bonuses to extend time or boost your score! 


2d casual puzzle | Published

Minimalist logic puzzle game based on chess. You must place the chess pieces on the board such that every piece is protected exactly once.

Project RPG 2020

2d libre pixel-art rpg | Published

Retro-style RPG pixel adventure. You can make your decisions but you aren't judged for them, while interacting with characters on a deeper level.


2d casual mobile | Published

A casual jumping game with tap and accelerometer input combined

Building Block Heroes

2d platformer puzzle strategy | WIP

Puzzle platformer in which you use coloured blocks to build pathways around each level to free the Jollyfolk from their cages. Simultaneously control both building blocks and heroes, with a friend or by yourself, in this colourful romp through a cartoony and exotic hand-painted world.

Magnetic Affair

2d pixel-art puzzle | Published

A short story-based puzzle game.

The Orbit

2d casual mobile | Published

A casual space-themed mobile game.

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