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Rogue State Revolution

by Little Red Dog Games | February 2021

Windows Linux
  • Assume control over Basenji, a recently democratized Middle Eastern republic. As the president, you must juggle the demands of the voters while developing the nation economically. Oh, and don't forget your council of ministers, many of whom are entirely loyal to you... if only you knew which ones.
  • Features dynamically generated neighbors, ministers, and economic and political considerations. Find a dirty bomb, stop a meteor strike, address a global pandemic... no two playthroughs will ever be the same, and each run can unlock new content as you stay in power longer. The coup is coming: can you keep your wits about you and hold onto the presidency?
  • Steer the country in any manner you choose. Hundreds of events and an insane number of policies make every experience unique to the player.
Screenshot of Rogue State Revolution by Little Red Dog Games

Why the developer chose Godot

We love how Godot's scene structure emphasizes getting things done quickly and flexibly. Writing editor plugins and custom nodes is very useful, and if there is ever something that we want to tackle that it's in the main branch, there is nothing stopping us from cracking the thing open and building our own solutions to whatever problems we might encounter.

— Godot Showcase - Little Red Dog Games talk about their experience