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by Humble Reeds | Release date: TBD

Windows Mac Linux

Kamaeru is a cozy farming sim where you collect and breed frogs, customize your environment, and restore biodiversity in the wetlands.

You are helping an old friend to restore the wetlands of your childhood, and build a cozy frog refuge. You will photograph and breed frogs to increase your reputation, decorate your frog refuge, plant crops to restore the wetlands, and meet several characters that will help you along the way

Collect frogs 🐸

The ultimate goal of the game is to collect them all! Take pictures, feed them and breed them to have a chance of meeting every single one of the possible 500 frogs 🐸 Some frogs can only be met under certain conditions though, and rare colors only available through breeding!

Restore wetlands 🌾

In order to attract the most rare frogs, and have a sustainable refuge, you will need to restore nearby wetlands to their former glory. This will allow you to practice paludiculture, the culture of wetlands! Dig ponds to let water roam the land again, and plant native wetlands species to harvest precious crops. You will then be able to transform them into manufactured goods, and sell them to improve your refuge.

Customize your frog refuge 🎨

When you place furniture in your refuge, frogs tend to appear. Some furniture will attract certain types of frogs! The more decorated your refuge, the more popular it will be, allowing you to drive attention and new visitors, that will unlock new recipes, crops and types of furniture. You will even be able to recolor the furniture to your heart’s content!