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Human Diaspora

by Leocesar3D | September 2020 (Early Access)

Windows Linux

An action packed sci-fi First Person Shooter. Fight for humanity, conquer the colony planet. Use your arsenal to fight enemy infantry and expand your territory. Discover and traverse land, sea and space environments with non-stop battle and perils everywhere.

Human Diaspora is a First Person Shooter adventure game set on a human colony planet. A large territory full of action and peril awaits you! You reached for the stars and landed on an alien planet. The only way to save humanity is to fight the enemy invader and secure your place among the strongest. Be it on land, sea or space territories, shoot your way into victory, never accept defeat. Humanity must endure!

Screenshot of Human Diaspora by Leocesar3D

Why the developer chose Godot

Foremost, Godot is FOSS. It entails freedom to dispose of my game projects as I best see fit without worrying about the intricacies of software licenses. And while learning to use it, I realized it already had the necessary set of tools to pull out my game ideas. The node architecture with the concept of scene within scenes and the straightforward way of scripting with GDScript sealed the deal for me.

— Godot Showcase - Human Diaspora developer interview