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Hive Time

by Cheeseness | December 2019

Windows Mac Linux

Build a hive, make some honey! Hive Time is a small, bee themed management/base building sim. Harvest resources, grow your hive, and produce a new Queen before the current one dies. Manage different bee roles in a totally scientifically inaccurate depiction of hive dynamics. Send Foragers out to find pollen and nectar, have Builders research new cell types, and ensure you have enough Beesitters to raise the next generation of bees. Make interesting choices that affect the hive - respond to wasp attacks, deal with outlaw slugs, or help a caterpillar realise a lifelong dream.

Screenshot of Hive Time by Cheeseness

Why the developer chose Godot

I felt like Godot enabled me to pull the core game together very quickly. The most attractive parts of the engine for me come from its nature as a Free/Open Source Software project and the ability that gives me to debug, fix, or modify the engine to suit my personal needs.

I also feel more comfortable using free and Free tools because I can be confident that if others want to follow in my footsteps, financial or philosophical hurdles won't prevent them from doing so.

— Godot Showcase - Hive Time developer Cheeseness talks about his experience