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Fist of the Forgotten

by Lone Wulf Studio | Release date: TBD

Windows Linux

Fist of the Forgotten is a platformer set in a harsh, dark world, but that doesn't mean you're helpless. Relics passed down from your family allow you to interact with forgotten technology and fight your way forward.

Make your way through a forgotten civilization, facing ancient automatons, and acquire some of their technology.

3D assets and high framerate physics allow for perfectly smooth, fluid animation, even on monitors that display at > 100hz. Mechanics in the game, such as sliding down slopes and grappling allow you to build up and maintain momentum.

Fist of the Forgotten's narrative contains no dialogue, so you are free to pay attention to the details to understand the depth of the story, try to uncover alternate endings, or simply focus on flowing through the levels as quickly as possible and enjoy the gameplay.

The fist provides combat capabilities as well as movement. Use it to reach further platforms and combine it with other momentum gaining abilities, such as sliding down hills, to cover extreme gaps.