Galaxy Rampage

2d dogfight multiplayer | Published

​Massive local multiplayer game where you control your ship with one button to destroy the ships of the others players.

Curse of the demon's sword

2d mobile platformer | Published

​High difficulty platformer with ever changing dungeons.

Rain Drop

2d accelerometer mobile | Published

​Try to stay alive as long as possible moving the raindrop right or left with the accelerometer avoiding black clouds.

The Diasporic Crypt

2d featured libre metroidvania | WIP

The Lost Catacombs is a 2D platformer heavily inspired by Metroidvania games like Castlevania, but you get to play as the vampire instead, and travel the world in a small teleporting catacomb.


2d arcade featured | WIP

You are a little green character that always runs and sticks to the walls. There is only one button: jump!

Bouncing Odyssey

2d puzzle | Published

​Bouncing Odyssey is a logic physic based puzzle game with simple rules and tricky challenges featuring 76 unique levels.

Moon Cheeser

casual mobile | Published

Moon Cheeser is a one-player game. You are a mouse in the space chasing cheeses on the moon. It is a simples infinity running.

Bounce It

2d casual mobile | Published

​This is a mobile game where you are a ball and you must bounce your way to the end of the level.

Foul Play Air Hockey

multiplayer | Published

Player-versus-player air hockey for iOS you can play as foul as you want

Sentinels of Eshall

3d turn-based | WIP

​Tactical turn-based strategy and card collecting game. You are the leader of a small dragon riding team trying to rid the game world of a very evil dragon and his Giant, and Monster minions.


2d featured libre | WIP

​A colorful libre game about a rocket-powered flying alpaca

Steno Arcade

2d steam | Published

​Steno Arcade is a suite of arcade games designed to teach and drill steno fundamentals in an immersive, addictive, responsive, and interactive way.

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