Games made with Godot. If you want your Godot game to be featured on this page, please see the instructions in this blog announcement.


Libre ​Bomberman clone using the nice Bomb Party tileset (CC BY 3.0). Local multiplayer is supported, computer AIs and networking are yet to come!

Tanks of Freedom

​Classic turn-based strategy game with two armies fighting against each other. Challenge yourself in campaign against AI or hot-seat battle with a friend.

Herbi - On the loose

​Herbi is a retro platformer which you have to collect all diamonds.


​All real ninjas are invisible. Thats because mentors like you train them. Train the next generation of ninjas, make them faster until they are invisible.


​A thousand years into post-apocalyptic Earth, many forms of life have gone extinct, including humans. An alien robot series, called Minilens, is leaning up the Earth and collecting the surviving flora for research purposes.