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About: Like a rag doll Chris was grabbed by the scruff of the neck held up by Gage’s left hand, he was pushed into the corner of the ring leaning back against the turnbuckle. Gage took several large steps back, like a bull charging full steam Gage lunged throwing his massive roided body at the tiny heel petrified in the corner. At the last second Gage lifted one boot, contacting Chris’s jaw. A brutal crack from Chris’s face, he drops to the mat, instantly he brings both hands to his face trying to sooth the pain. His jaw was shattered, several teeth had been knocked out or broken he spit the broken teeth and blood onto the mat. His brutal moans of pain could barely be heard over the eruption of the demented crowd. They banged like animals on the cage, ready to tear through to be part of the action if they could.

Chris in the most terror and pain of his life, he just wanted this to end. Rolling around in agony he opened his eye to see Gage standing with his boot hovering over his head. Gage was just waiting for Chris to realize what was about to happen. Chris put his hands up tried to beg for mercy through his bleeding broken mouth, he could barely breathe with all the blood rolling down the back of his throat. Gage stared with his dead eyes into Chris’s face showing utter terror. Chris begging for mercy only intensified Gage’s lust for violence. He picked up the victim by the throat again. This time Gage bending over with both hands he lifted and squeezed tight, his meaty hands could feel the cartilage around Chris’s windpipe, he tightened his grip, a smile from Gage when he noticed he had blown blood vessels in Chris’s eyes. He held the boy up for a moment to inspect his work, Gage spit up into his face, letting go of one hand Gage then used all his force to choke slam Chris down onto the center of the ring, his legs and arms spasm with the impact, then he goes limp for a few moments. The crowd of depraved maniacs went crazy hooting and hollering, Gage looked into the pack, locking eyes with the sleazy man that Jay gave money to, a head shake from the sleaze bag and Gage diverted his attention back to the disoriented, battered heel on the mat at his feet. Chris tried to move, but could barely due to the pain, he just wriggled around, he was starting to lose consciousness.

Gage jumped out of the ring, ran around to one side of the mat, lifted the skirt surrounding the ring, located a folding chair among a few other items that had been planted. Gage tossed the chair into the air spinning it backwards and catching it, he did this several times showing off for the crowd at the same time showing the weapon like a trophy. The crowd laughed and clapped; Gage took the folding chair spinning it backwards in the air he threw it over Chris who was still flattened out from the merciless choke slam. Chris could not react to protect his body as the chair landed leg first into his stomach. His reaction sat him up, eyes popped wide open and mouth gaped blood dripped out, a moan barely escaped from Chris. Gage jumped back in the ring collects the chair, he then opens the metal folding chair, locates Chris’s left arm and inserts the arm between the seat and the rung that makes up the outer back of the metal folding chair, Chris tries to pull his arm out as he knows what’s about to come next. In total fear and terror, Chris wriggling, trying to get away. The sound Chris was making, a cross between crying and begging could not be heard over the depraved cheers from the twisted set of spectators unable to contain their lust for senseless violence. They proudly rejoiced in pure evil delight seeing their prey in such pain, suffering.

The crowd screaming on for blood. Gage climbed to the top of the turnbuckle opposite the crowd, launched himself as high into the air as possible, slamming his massive body down as hard as the laws of physics would allow. Making direct contact with the seat back of the chair, Gage could feel immediately the forearm was destroyed, pulverized, he leapt to his feet raising his meaty muscled arms in satisfaction. Gage let out a bellow louder than Chris’s bellow of pain. Screaming in pure agony Chris felt every break and crack of the two bones in his forearm, his limbs flailing in a futile attempt to control the pain. Gage drops to the mat, crawls on the spread out Chris, lifts his leg over his shoulder pinning him to the mat, the referee slides down to the mat and starts the count, Chris is relieved as this is now over.

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