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About: She felt like the biggest slut in the world, and was horrified, embarrassed, and guilty at her actions, and yet all of these feeling seemed to amplify her arousal. She didn’t know if she could ever come out of the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw. She looked like a used up pornstar and was completely plastered in cum. Her lips were swollen, her lipstick was smeared everywhere, and her eyeliner was running with cum in streaks down her cheeks. The was cum plastered in her eyelashes, her eyebrows, and her hair. She let out a stifled sob and began scooping the cum on her face and putting it in her mouth, savoring the taste. She continued scooping cum off of her chest and tits, swallowing everything she could find.
She started the shower, feeling uneasy about even taking a shower in her Kellie and Ethan’s house. She had to get out of here before she did anything else she  would regret, no matter how good it felt or how much she wanted it. She suddenly realized she was rubbing her cum covered pussy absentmindedly as she waited for the water to get warm. What was happening to her? She felt like an addict since she had first tasted Ethan’s cum earlier that day. Something had unlocked inside of her, and she now felt like a slave to the feelings she was experiencing. She wanted to feel Ethan’s cock surging cum into her mouth again. She wanted far more than that.
She got into the warm water and began washing herself, feeling how hard her nipples were. She was tingling everywhere. She began washing her hair and face and suddenly felt her sister’s small arms reach around her, cupping her tiny tits. She felt her sister’s tits press into her back, and suddenly her sister was kissing her neck. They both moaned at the same time. “Didn’t Ethan’s cock feel nice, Kristin?” Kellie whispered.
Nnngh… we… I… shouldn’t have done that. I… can’t do that… again. I need to go. Stop touching me like… that… you’re my sister… this isn’t right…”, Kristin moaned over the sound of the shower.
Kellie spoke softly into her sister’s ear, “Ethan still needs our help, and we BOTH need him. I know you enjoyed yourself, I’m so happy you did. You shouldn’t feel guilty about that. We’re both attracted to him, and he’s clearly attracted to both of us. Now move over so I can wash myself off.”

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