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About: See anything you like?" She asked with a smirk. I had been caught red handed. "Here, can't shower with this on." She tugged my towel loose and put it  on a hook near the shower door. She looked at my erection, then at the standing shower. With a smile, she looked up at me and said, "I think this will be a tight squeeze, but we can make it work."
She stepped into the shower and beckoned me to follow. As I stepped in, she pulled the door closed. The shower, built for one, did not leave much room to move. Annie pressed in close to me, her head coming up to just below my chin. She spread her legs momentarily before closing them again, trapping my erection between her thighs. "Mmmm, a VERY tight squeeze."
She reached behind me and came back with a sponge and some body wash. "Well, we're going to have to help each other out. You know, wash each other. I'll do you, then you can do me, *big* brother." She emphasized "big" by squeezing her thighs together.
She soaped the sponge, and started rubbing me down. I was covered in suds, but she continued to clean me, lingering occasionally. I realized she had put the sponge away and was rubbing my wet naked body with her hands, in particular squeezing my butt forward. This had the effect of pulling me into her and rubbing the top of my shaft against her clit.
She shuddered for a moment with her eyes closed. When she stopped, her eyes opened and she looked up at me. "Oh, I guess you're all clean now." She backed up slightly, releasing my dick from her control. "Time for you to do me."

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