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About: I shift my weight again so that I’m resting just on my legs and with my second hand now free I drop it down between Sierra’s legs. I don’t stop paying attention to her nipples as I trail my fingers first up the inside of her one thigh and then up the other making her gasp and moan at my actions. The dominant and controlling side of me enjoys making girls beg and plead with me to stop teasing them and actually fuck them but Sierra doesn’t speak, instead as I finally bring my hand into contact with her pussy lips she thrusts her hips up into my hand.  Sierra’s words wipe away my hesitations so I wrap my arms around her grabbing her ass and lift her up making her gasp. I don’t think that she knows what I’m doing at first but after a moment she must realise what is happening because she reaches down grasps my rock hard cock and guides it towards her entrance. I lower her down feeling my cock push inside her, her pussy envelopes my cock making me moan at the wet, hot tightness of it and when I look up from watching my cock sink into her pussy I can see that Sierra’s eyes are closed and her mouth is open in an O shape.

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