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About: He snuggled in against her back and wrapped his arms around her, his right hand sliding over her left breast and massaging it firmly, with the occasional tweak of the nipple.  She leaned back into him as she felt his erection prodding into her lower back.  His left hand slid over her belly and worked its way carefully into the folds and began rubbing her clit.  Her first wave of orgasm was over with quickly, the fastest he had ever gotten her to climax.  It was obvious that she had needed the release.  He soaped her up and enjoyed the feeling of her body sliding against his. The soap foam slid down her body and dripped off her breasts.  She did the same to him, the lather lubricating their skin and making for a very erotic situation, but also threatened to send them flying on the slick tub.  By the time she got both hands to his cock, he was immediately sending an eruption of cum across the tub, splattering on the wall and sliding down to the drain.  Jamie screamed and jerked her hips, but Kelsey pressed in harder, her tongue forcing it’s way deep into Jamie’s tunnel. She quickly pressed her fingers over Jamie’s clit and rubbed it furiously in circles, causing her friend to buck underneath her again but Kelsey held Jamie down against the couch firmly, tongue fucking her hole. Jamie’s back arched off the couch and she moaned in ecstasy, letting out another scream as Kelsey pinched her clit firmly between rubs. Jamie felt her body shudder and knew she was going to cum, and that she was going to squirt in Kelsey’s face.

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