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About: What, you make them cum in two minutes now? Talk about professional," Joy grumbled. "I only get one every half hour in class." Joy was a member of the third fuck group at swallow falls: the Study Aid. Apart from the Glory Hole attendants and the Guzzle Girls, the Study Aids were the last school-sanctioned fucktoys that were, arguably, the most important.
Study Aids spent their time in many classes under the tables ritually sucking off boys from the start of one class to the end--they had to have extra hours of schooling to make up for the time they lost. A good Study Aid could suck two or three loads out of the same cock during a 1 hour  class, and there were studies that showed that while a Study Aid was sucking a boy off, his attention on the class material materials was markedly higher.
We waited for ten minutes around Joy as she went from cock to cock, indeed only taking minutes, or at some times, seconds, to finish them. When at last she was finished she pulled off her panties, showing that the Guzzle Girl was now off duty. A few boys looked disappointed to see that.
Ah, I swallowed so much today! Let's get some lunch," Grace said with a cum-soaked smile. She wiped the last dregs of her hour's work from her face and licked her hand clean, and together, me, the brunette wearing no panties, a miniskirt, with cum dripping down my legs; Joy, the redhead, with her amazing tits bouncing up and down under her tight shirt as she walked; and Grace, face still sticky from cum and wearing not a stitch of clothing, all went down toward the canteen for lunch.
The canteen was packed for lunch like always. The enormous room was filled with students at the lunch tables, some eating, some studying, some talking, some fucking, and some lining up for their food. I followed Joy and Grace to line up, liking the stares that Grace drew us. Guzzle Girls were like celebrities here, and it was cool just being with one and being associated with them.

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