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span class="italic">This is the long awaited continuation of the Pregnant Sex stories that I submitted a few years ago. My apologizes to those of you that were waiting, but I lost my muse and have recently found a new one.</span>
It had been several years since I was with Cassandra. Oh she was a gorgeous creature and so open about life and sex and everything. I am just sad how it all ended is all. We were together throughout the rest of her pregnancy, having numerous adventures as she was able to have that is. Finally the day arrived and she gave birth to a fine boy with black hair and eyes and dark skin. I didn't care how the baby looked, just as long as he was healthy along with his mother. All went well, finally we were able to go home and life was good for a long time. Then it happened, two years had gone by and suddenly the baby, Marcus', father decided he wanted to be a part of his kid’s life again. So a legal battle ensued and finally Cassandra decided it was easier to give in to the requests and went back to Marcus' father instead. One night I came home and they were gone. The next day I got a letter and it contained a letter from Cassandra explaining it all and a check with lots of zero's on it. It seems the father was rather wealthy and part of the deal was the check.
I was torn up, I had been with her for over two years and we had had a very blissful life. I treated Marcus as if he was my own kid and didn't care what anyone said. And then poof they were gone. Well, needless to say it took me a while to get over her and Marcus leaving but I finally did. I finally started getting back into the world and was out looking for someone to take my mind off of Cassandra and Marcus when I saw her. She was trying to get a new TV into her small car. I walked up to her and chuckled and said, "I don't think it will fit miss." She jumped not knowing that I was standing behind her. She did have a great ass to boot. She turned around and stared me down with defiance  and anger. It was then that I noticed that she was pregnant. My heart actually skipped a beat or three as I realized I was getting myself into another world of hurt.
Like you could do better right. Let me guess you saw a pregnant woman and just felt compelled that you had to be manly and help." She glared at me and waited.

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