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About: Devon had a great deal of respect for his coach. He appeared to be a good man, who sacrificed much of his own time, talents, and resources for the game he loved. Unlike Devon's father, he was not a carouser, and loved his wife and family. However, he was not a perfect man, and he had his dark side. One that Devon would not understand until he was a man himself, with his own set of frailties and compulsions. Bruce Albright was addicted to pornography. As teens, Jeff and Devon, didn't understand the underlying implications of such an addiction, but they found themselves the welcome recipients of a never ending supply of smut from which to choose.  Oh yeah, that. Of course. I can tell they like being here." She secretly knew they liked being in their home, as she'd noted on more than one occasion the obvious sexual impact she was having on the boys. It was pretty hard for them to hide their discomfort once their cocks were stiff and screaming for release beneath their jeans. She knew this but remained mum.

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