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About: She is beginning to enjoy it. I speed up the pace, as Lanie moans louder. Pressed firmly against me, I feel her heartbeat in her chest. Her breasts feel wonderful -so soft. Then her tongue attacked me, as she begins kissing me back. In a few more seconds, I can't believe when I feel her hips push against me as I push into her. I stroked in and out a few more times, making sure she really is meeting my every thrust, then I open my eyes and stare down into her face. Her eyes flickered open, a bit dazed, but they met mine and didn't close again. Instead she watched me as I thrust in and out of her. She mumbles something against my lips. I pull back just enough to ask, " Are you going to be quiet?" She nodded. I drew my mouth away from hers. She gasps, panting, and said breathlessly, " Oh my god John, how can you do this?" I release her hands and grip her hips. I brace my legs wider, opening her up more, and levered her above my cock. " Because I can," I said, my voice husky. I pull out all the way, then ram my huge cock back up inside her. She cries out, back arching, hands going to my shoulders. Her hips undulating against me. I smile nastily and bent my head to take a breast into my mouth. " Oh John." She gasps. " I can't believe we're doing this. Why would you?" She moans and licks her lips, her fingernails biting into my shoulders as I thrust faster and deeper. I lift my head and look into her dazed lustful eyes. " You are so fucking delicious I couldn't stand another hour without tasting you." I bent my head and took her mouth, thrusting my tongue inside. Her tongue immediately attacked mine, and she dug her heels into my buttocks, squeezing me, pulling me deeper into her. Her chest is heaving, and little whimpers vibrated in her throat. I slide my hands down beneath her butt, gripping the round, smooth flesh, and I squeeze them, then lifted her higher. I angled our bodies and thrust into her in a more direct way. This drove her crazy. She tore her mouth from mine, let her head fall back to the shower wall, and moaned. " John. Oh John. Deeper. Oh deeper. Harder. Fuck me faster. Jam that huge cock inside my juicy cunt."
I'm surprised by her dirty talk, but it turns me on immensely. I obey her demand and slam into her. My face set into hard, stern lines, as I watch her white skin mottle and turn red, a blush rising up from her breasts. Her pussy is gripping my cock tight like a vise, her hips pushing against me desperately. She moans and mumbles mindlessly.
Oh god John. Oh god oh god oh god. Yes! Oh fuck yes! Faster. Faster John. Faster!" She is wild with lust.  He groaned his sisters name, and then ground his penis inside her. She climaxed suddenly, her vagina fisting around his huge cock. She screamed out, cursing, crying his name in ecstacy. "YES! Oh YES! YES DANTE YES! FUCK ME! OH! OH! OH! OOHWHOAOHOHOHOH!" Her hips ground back against him, her head thrashing from side to side. The water ran over their heated bodies, slicking their skin. Then Dante came, jerking against her, shooting his cum deep inside her womb. His chest mashed her breasts, his mouth locked onto hers as he thrust into her, emptying his load; her tight, greedy pussy milked him dry. Finally, when their orgasms left them breathless and limp and replete, Dante pulled out of his sister, waited until her legs were firm enough to hold her weight, then winked at her flushed face, pressed a quick, casual kiss to her lips, and slipped from the shower.
I waited for Lanie in the bedroom, before Lanie could fully understand what was happening, I pull the towel off her, leaving her naked, grabbed her hips and lifted her up, pulling her back against my body. Lanie gave a yelp, startled and glanced down at my hands holding her. Then the reality of her position dawned on her, she feels her stomach sink and turn over. I push her forward against the wall, with my knee pushing against and between her knees, forcing them apart and spreading her legs. She is tilted a bit more and her legs are now wide apart, one either side of my thighs, while my cock is now pressed firmly along her slit. I'm sliding my cock up and down her pussy, the sensation in her pussy become a lot more noticeable as her body liked this feeling, and she feels liquid heat pooling inside her, lubricating her, starting to adjust in anticipation of what is coming again. She feels the big cock head brush against her, slide forward and jutting between her legs, Again Lanie is held effortlessly while I rub back and forth slowly, teasing her pussy, reminding her body that an invasion is coming. Too nervous to look down at the junction of her legs where the warmth is emanating, afraid that she might faint if she actually saw my cock again, she looks at the wall. Lanie is breathing hard and her juices are flowing. She is wet and helpless, and is feeling tiny and altogether a woman as I hold her, continuing to rub my cock up and down. Her pussy lips are now parting. I push the tip of my cock gently against her pussy lips over the head of my cock, preparing to enter her. I begin moving back and forth in small rocking motions, while gently sliding into her. She feels herself stretching, easing onto it, fitting more in and still more. She had thought she'd been filled with cock before but now decided that her husband is a toddler, barely worth worrying about.
She is panting hoarsely now, her muscles clenching around my long thick sword that is being driven into her. She feels rough hair scratching across her sensitive lips and realized that I'm finally fully embedded within her. She feels full, totally taken over by this second invasion, the occupying force taking full control of her, leaving her nothing to do but observe and feel as it consolidated its conquest and starts to ravage her again. I settled down to work. My hands held her firmly in place, while my hips start to move, pulling my cock slowly out, and then returning. I'm very considerate, she thought hysterically, I'm giving her time to adjust. But not much time she realized as my thrusts start increasing in tempo. Not that it mattered. She is now riding my cock easier, letting it drill in, relaxing and letting it withdraw. Flexing her muscles to welcome it back again as I return. She quickly realized that with that much cock inside of her, rubbing against many hyper-sensitive nerve endings, she is going to orgasm. On it went, long slow thrusts, followed by faster thrusts and then returning to those long slow intrusions that so sweetly scraped against her. How long had I been fucking her, she wondered. It feels like years but can't have been more than a minute or so. She feels me accelerating and decided that I must be due to come soon. She hears a groan and feels the heavy crash of my cock slamming home and then feels my cum flooding inside her,  the hot liquid and the last desperate thrusts enough to send her spiraling down into her own orgasm, shuddering and convulsing against the weapon that has impaled her.

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