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About: Eyeing the batter, he had at an even count of two ball and two strikes, Brent shook off the catcher’s first signal of a fastball and accepted the next, his specialty, the curveball.  A subtle grin slowly replaced the stern look of concentration that had begun his stretch, and he cast a quick look at the Ranger player taking a conservative lead at first base.  For an instant, he thought about checking the runner with a quick throw, but mentally declined, given the runner’s speed and the catcher’s blistering ability to throw to second base.  Bringing the mitt to his face, as Brent always did, the pitcher finally kicked his left leg forward to complete his windup.  In the same well-rehearsed motion, Brent whipped his right arm well behind his back and then launched the ball over his head and down the 60 feet to the catcher’s glove.
The ball spun clockwise on its axis and appeared headed for the batter’s left shoulder.  Suddenly the Ranger’s coach began to shout, “Curveball! Curveball!”  Yet, it was to no avail, as the batter flinched and backed away from the pitch at the very moment the ball’s threads magically gripped the air and spun it perfectly over the plate and into the catcher’s oversized glove.
Strike...that’s’re outta there!” the umpire shouted, bringing 50% of the  fans to their feet.
Ella Albright was among the supporters that indulged in the celebration.  “Good job, Brent, just a couple more.  You got ‘em.  Keep it up!”
Her breasts wobbled beneath a thin, lightweight sweater each time she brought her hands together to applaud her team.  It was a rather innocuous event, which largely went unnoticed, except for the prying eyes of the Rocket’s shortstop.  He had kept his eyes on the coach’s wife for a good part of the game and was enjoying the action he knew was playing out beneath her top.  Keeping his mind on the game had proven to be more of a chore than he had imagined.  The woman, who insisted he call her ‘mom’, had awakened something in the young man that could not be put to rest.  On two separate occasions, Ella had been the aggressor and drained Devon’s thick cock after some lusty play.  It had now been five days since the last ‘unloading’ and his balls were feeling the effects.

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