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About: None of us had much sleep the night Jack shot up our house, but the others could sleep; I had to work. I'd missed a lot while in LA and Jerry was leaving early for his General Contractor classes. That fucker, Jack, had a skill set I hadn't even known about. On top of it all, I couldn't even go to the office. Jerry met me with everything I'd need to get work done today, but I had to work mostly out of my truck, although I also took a table at a McDonald's for lunch and used the free wifi to do some on-line work. I had to put proposals together for four houses. On the whole, it wasn't that hard. I'd done enough of them, it was half a days work if none of the proposals involved complex work I'd need an engineer for. I called Detective Riley a couple times. There was nothing more they could tell me. They were looking, but Jack was difficult to find. He'd learned some tricks in the military before receiving his bad conduct discharge. When I got home, check that, Mistress Dark's home, the girls had gotten up around three and started working. Mistress Dark had food ready to go on the table. During the tail end of supper, she wanted to discuss what punishments should be administered for Julia's seizure of her slaves. It had to happen sometime. I knew how angry I would be if some guy had attempted the same with mine. Hell, I was angry at Sam for buying them when I sold them, because I hadn't believed he would, and just taking them would be worse. Mistress Dark proposed having Julia as her slave for the day. That seemed fair. I'd have a problem with it if she was a Master, but as long as Julia didn't need to fuck other men, I'd be game. Mistress Dark was currently training two females and one male, and I knew she used her slaves to assist in training. I'd speak to her privately later to make sure Julia wasn't used for training the male. The actual punishment she proposed for all involved was harsh. Ten swats with a cane. I'd seen the marks and bruises left on Slut with a cane. They tended to last for several days. They didn't seem permanent. Slut had no marks on her at the current time, but Julia would live with the reminder for quite some time. As much as I wanted to protest, I kept my mouth shut. Like I said, I knew how upset I would be. Ten swats of a cane might be the least which occurred if it was me. I was pleased Mistress Dark gave her a way out. Tell her how Julia expropriated her slaves, and she'd cut the caning by half if Julia wore a Slave Trainer for 24 hours. Julia refused because she'd promised Slut she wouldn't give away her secret. Fortunately, Slut herself was not eager to get caned ten times, so she told Julia she was free to speak. It was quite an interesting tale. It showed quite a bit of subtlety and a keen understanding of the slave mind. Mistress Dark asked if I knew Julia was a switch, and I said I didn't until recently. I informed her of what Julia had done with Janet when she expressed curiosity about submission. Julia said she liked dominating women, though not Lisa.

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