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Full name: Stephanie Carstens
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About: Craigslist.  It's all true.
When I was an early teen, I was molested by some of my older relatives.  Kind of.  More like talked into
experimenting; not like groped or anything.  I did everything I did with them on my own, after a bunch of cajoling.  A couple of my male cousins each about 2 years older than me would show me some good ole straight porn.  I had never seen a curved cock (mine is straight as an arrow) that stood up and not out, so I commented on it; like, "what's the matter with his cock?"  I thought cocks stuck straight out when hard, like mine.  All of us looked at porn; I didn't give it any thought as to where it might lead.  I had found out how to jerk off from another cousin who was actually younger than me; and had been experiencing dry orgasms ("shooting blanks") for a while.
A few weeks after I'd commented on the one picture, one of them (let's call him Will, not his real name) and I were alone at his other grandmother's house.  His parents and everyone else were out front; we had wandered around to the backyard where the barn and pasture gates were.  I was in the backyard looking around at nothing in particular (since I'd never been to these folks' house) and I heard him say, "hey, look at this..."; I turned around and he was standing on the back porch, my head about waist high on him, and he had his shorts down showing me a fucking niiice erection.  His cock almost hit his navel.  I guess my jaw hit the ground, and he did the little fist motion to indicate he'd been jacking it.  Now jacking it would get you made fun of at our school; to see him admitting to doing so was, well, odd.  You just don't admit to jacking it.
His cock was freaking huge, too.  Seriously, like probably 8" erect, as big around as the knob on a baseball bat at the base, and uncircumcised.  Mine is circumcised; I had never seen that penile feature in person either.  I  gawked at it a little bit, and he said "remember that magazine?", and grinned, and slipped his pants up.  He went on a few days later to tell me how he'd started to ejaculate recently.  A few days later, I was at his house, and he said, "Hey, you wanna see some cum?"  Remember, I was about 12 and not able to do so.  So I watched him jerk off for the first time.  Nothing spectacular then, but I look back on it and... man... to reach over and grab it, to feel it, watch it drip.  I was right next to another man shooting a load!!!

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