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About: I’d not paid my car off yet but was well on my way to and starting to build up a healthy bank balance. I’d been able to get a new phone and also a new smart watch which I’d wanted for ages. I had to be careful though as didn’t want too many questions about where id got the money from!  Sure I'd fucked em, but I'm asking a bunch of high strung lawyers to figuratively and literally expose themselves to their peers, their rivals! I'd fucked up. I... I just... Melanie threw me off my game. All I could think about was her, and this was my desperate attempt to get her. It was stupid.... But I had to. It would dirve me mental if I didn't at least try to get in her pants.... well skirt. Melanie smiled with that all familiar lusty gaze mixed with a genuine warmth. She wore a loose white blouse tucked neatly into a grey high waist pencil skirt. Her hair was up in a bun held in place by a Bic pen. It was something she'd do when she was hammering out legal prose on particularly difficult cases. She sat in her usual spot and mingled with those around her. If my pinkish freckled face wasn't glowing by now, it sure was when she caught me staring at her through the glass walls. Goddamnit! I was a little school girl!

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