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About: George smiled with a satisfied grin and walked quickly away to catch up to his ladies.   Store personnel rushed to the aid of the fallen man and toppled display.  He didn’t think the man even got the chance to notice him.  He gained on the two ladies who’d slowed their walk.  The mother was fidgeting, her cameltoe wedgie was clearly bothering her, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull at her crotch in the middle of a crowded mall.  She pulled her daughter’s arm and ducked into the next clothing store.  George caught up with them as they made their way behind a clothing display.
These damn yoga pants keep riding up” mumbled the mother.
Mom, you have a huge cameltoe!”  her daughter said, disparagingly.
George was able to get a first hand view as the mother pulled and tugged at her yoga pants to get them back in order.  George, feeling emboldened, stepped up to her.  “Let me help”, he slid his right hand straight inside her waistband as she held it open momentarily, his fingers curled so the backs of his knuckles pushed the crotch of the yoga pants downward and cupped her pussy in his palm.  “Oh my god” he moaned, it was soooo smooth.  The woman’s pussy was as bald and smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom.  It felt simply delicious.   George’s cock leaked pre-cum on his thigh, the head of his cock well down the pant leg.  His head actually grew light at the amazing feel of this woman’s utterly hairless and pliant labia and mons.  He held his hand motionless, luxuriating in the feel of her pussy.  George hadn’t held a pussy in his hand in over 2 months, since he stopped seeing that money grubbing bitch of an ex-girlfriend.
Mommy” released her yoga pants and smoothed the fabric over the outside of George’s hand.  He could clearly see his hand and fingers through the tight material.

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