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About: Since he was a large dog, his back feet were able to grip the concrete floor even though he was all the way on top of Debbie.  This gave him more power to thrust his dick into her willing cunt.  He was eagerly pounding away.   I could not fight the temptation to join her any longer, so I quickly stripped off my clothes and was completely naked also.  I got down on my knees, right behind Debbie, so I could witness, up close, as his cock disappear inside her snatch.  It was a beautiful and nasty sight.   Her snatch was frothing with dampness as he pummeled her.  I could feel droplets splatter on my face and could smell their combined aromas of sex.  After his knot swelled Spirit was lodged inside Debbie, tightly plugging her opening.  He stopped hunching and laid his weight on her back.  Debbie was mumbling more de***********ive curse words, but I could not catch what she said since she was kneeling head down, with her face smothered by her fore arms.  And you're going to charge me full price for this? She doesn't listen. Thinks she knows everything." And on she went as she paid and stormed out. Crystal came out rolling her eyes explaining to Sharon. Sharon stifled a laugh then pointed towards me. When Crystal turned I could see her physically relax as she welcomed me and called me back. As I watched Crystal's long, long legs, emphasized by a short skirt, I also noticed Sharon watching me.

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