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About: Nick thought, “little does she know, but she is swallowing the cock that was buried in her own young daughter’s pussy just a few days age.”
You like this dick in your throat don’t you sis?!” he demanded.
All Rebecca could do was moan intensely. As she furiously worked her pussy with her fingers, she could feel her orgasm close as Nick’s precum slicked up her throat and his cock filled with cum. He became more aggressive and demanding as his dick pulsed deeply in  his sister’s throat.
Oh, fuck yes, suck me like a whore, sis!” Nick held her head tight with both hands, pushing his hips up, fucking her throat, his balls slapping up on her drool-covered chin, the spit splashing onto his thighs.
Rebecca would have screamed if she could, but her brother’s cock hindered any attempt to vocalize. She felt a deep orgasm and her cunt clamped down on her fingers and her womanly cum oozed out onto her hand, covering it.

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